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Anti-Gravity Frame System - Tell us what you need to build!

You may not have worked with something this simple since you were a child!

Our Anti-Gravity Frame Systems allows you to draw it on a napkin and build it yourself, or fax your sketch to us for a quote and have your creation pre-fabricated and assembled to ensure everything works perfectly before shipping.


3Form, Aluminum Extrusions for cabanas, 3Form installation, kiosks wall systems panel frame system
3Form, Aluminum extrusions for trade show booth, 3Form Installation, cabanas, kiosks, light boxes wall systems panel frame

Our catalog of architectural shapes with our unique panel capture system allows you to slide in rigid or soft panels from thin fabric to 1" thick to create:

  • Wall Panels & Room Dividers

  • Cabanas, Pavilions & Soukahs

  • Sales Kiosks & Desks

  • Railing Systems

  • Multi-level Planters

  • Signage

  • Pool & Screening Enclosures, and more!

Our Anti-Gravity Frame System allows you to incorporate roller shades, curtains, sliding panels, speakers, lighting, counters, gates, signage, and hidden wiring.

Panels can be made from any material or composite, including Wood, 3Form, Stone, Phenolic, HDPE and Fabric. See links to panel options.

^ An Anti-Gravity privacy screen installed in a Senior Living Facility in Anchorage, AK.  The finished wall stands 76" high and incorporates frosted polycarbonate panels. This 24' wall shipped on one pallet. Each wall, up to 200' long, is completely assembled prior to packaging at our manufacturing facility, and supplied with custom directions to ensure quick and easily assembly.

V  Each of these 3-piece wall sections, which require just a # 3 Phillips screwdriver to assemble, can be assembled for mounting in 5-10 minutes in the field, saving time and money while avoiding costly mistakes.

Kari Elwell Katzander of Mingo Design, LLC in New York used our AG Channel for a simply elegant solution to the challenge of installing this arch fabricated from 1/2" 3Form Chroma in a Brooklyn backyard.
(Click on photo to view larger.)

Trade Show Booth for Free Fit LVT
10x10x10 Trade Show Booth for GTP International

Aluminum extrusion L-leg with stainless foot

Security feet for each leg keep
structures in place.

Aluminum extrusion L-leg with curtain slider

Eyebolts in HDPE slides support privacy curtains.


Can be assembled quickly using simple hand tools by unskilled labor, and can be taken down for seasonal or hurricane storage.

Decorative panels can be replaced easily in case of damage or design change. Core replacement program provides replacement of damaged parts at manufacturer's cost.

3Form, Aluminum extrusions, trade show booth, 3Form panel frame system, 3Form Installation

< ^ Tubelite used our AG system to create a space in their trade show booth to store materials and to communicate their message to attendees.  They said the structure "went together like a dream." (Click to view larger pictures)

A garden gate mounted between two planters will create an exit from an outdoor dining area (above)
and a rooftop terrace (below)
(Click here to see pictures of more gate details.)

Any 1/2" panel or combination of materials
can be used to meet your design criteria
Custom Panel details

Aluminum channel with PVC backer board and decorative laminate.

< Aluminum channel with backer board and decorative laminate.  Post screws allow easy replacement of decorative skin to change the look or repair damage.

3Form, panel & backer in aluminum channel for 3Form installation

3Form, 3Form panel channel and panel slide into corner leg and are fastened with two set screws.

3Form Bear Grass with PVC backer in channel

Channel and 3Form panel slide into corner leg, and are fastened with two set screws.




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