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Bionic Helm canting seat base for Para-Olympic SKUDs

Bionic Helm©                                        $2600.00 FOB Miami

Level the Playing Field

Our Bionic Helm© for the SKUD Class Para-Olympics takes advantage of several innovations:

The Spyder© frame component provides lasting value by coupling fully anodized light weight aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardware.

This unique construction accommodates almost limitless customization and allows for changes in the future without high fabrication costs.  We can fit virtually any seat you choose to the Spyder© frame.

Bionic Helm canting seat base for Para-Olympic SKUDs

DeepStream’s Spyder© frame with its unique design allows for variable spacing of the track attachment bars with a gap of 9” to 13.5”, allowing for your steering to be track-mounted, frame-mounted, or seat-mounted as your individual needs require.  The shorter frame layout is perfect for shifting the crew seat as far forward in the vessel as possible.  The wider stance allows for optimum positioning of your steering system.

The Spyder frame allows for a low 5” seating position in the boat for better forward vision under the sail and compensates for a full 25-degree heel, as allowed by class rules.

Bionic Helm canting seat base for Para-Olympic SKUDs

The Bionic Helm© incorporates efficient geometry with low friction bearings and 450lb capacity waterproof marine 12V actuator to reduce power consumption allowing for multi race confidence.  With a 6.5 second side to side canting time you’re positioned to race at the highest completive levels.

Fully adjustable limit switches make sure that your seat meets class rules, even if they change.  Our system is so power efficient two seats can be driven off one battery for a full day of racing.

The reset button for a 15 Amp breaker is externally mounted on the waterproof Pelican™ case should it ever be needed and it can also be remotely mounted.  The battery is absorbed glass mat (AGM) to eliminate any chance of leakage regardless of the battery angle and includes a choice of 25-minute or 35-minute reserve amps.

Package includes:

· Canting Spyder© Frame for your seat and steering system

· 12-volt 450-pound Dynamic Load Actuator with Limit Switches w/1-yr Manufacturer Warranty

· Wiring

· Switches

· Power Supply: 25 or 34 amp AGM  Battery

· Pelican Case for Battery

    (Seat not included)

Component Weight (lbs.)
Frame 18
Actuator 5
Battery & Case 19
Total Weight 42

Delivery Time:  Approximately 2 weeks



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