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DEEPSTREAM DESIGNS, INC. Certified as a Top 20% Performer
with a rating of 97/100
June 1, 2010
Customer references indicate outstanding past performance to D&B's Open Ratings during the Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) survey process. (Click to view press release and copy of report.)

Our customers include Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Embassy Suites and InterContinental Hotels; the US Navy, the Pentagon and NASA (See more)

  Think of Miami-based DeepStream Designs' products as a frame for your designs. 
Large Planters for balconies, rooftops pool decks, sidewalk cafes - anywhere you want to create green space.  Attractive Recycling and Waste Bins for hotels, offices, multi-family buildings and public spaces prove recycling can be beautiful.  Create your own Custom Hotel Fixtures Use our Anti-Gravity© Frame System to create structures that frame beautiful hardwoods, flowing fabrics, contemporary resins.  It's an architectural erector set to build cabanas, kiosks, light boxes, wall dividers, railings, signage . . .what do you want to build? 

Learn about DeepStream's sustainable design-Planters.

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