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iHPP - Invisible Humane Pigeon Preventer
DeepStream Designs - Pigeon Preventer keeps pigeons from landing

DeepStream Designs creates simple, effective architectural products like this invisible, humane anti-pigeon device.

Easy-to-install, refinishable 6061 T-6 Aluminum or Stainless Steel threaded at one end, with a hole for monofilament line through the other prevents pigeons from landing.  Itís that simple.  A pigeon only needs 2 ĹĒ to perch but if its feet canít touch, it canít land. 

Kits are also available for masonry and wood installations.  Each type is easily drilled and tapped into aluminum, steel and wood frames or railings.  This simple, cost-effective, anti-pigeon device really works.  Designed to install rapidly in your most complex geometric installations. 



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