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Thermoplastic Planter Liners - High-impact polystyrene - custom sizes
Thermoplastic Planter Liners   

General-use thermoformed liners are made from >60% recycled ABS, approx. 3/16" thick. UV inhibitors are added to the material, but for applications where they will be exposed to direct sun, field painting is recommended. All liners are created to a +/- .125" tolerance.  Liner thickness will vary slightly from the ends to the center, and walls may flex outwards on longer liners. Drains can be installed by installer in any location your application requires.

The liners are molded to order, typically with a 3-5 week lead time.

Available in 115 sizes from 24"-72" L (every 6") x 9"-33" W (every 3") x 8"-17" D, to work with most planter projects.  Flanges can be trimmed by approx. 1" in each dimension or cut up to 3" longer.  (See dimensional details below) 

Planters planter liner

Side profile of typical liner

Planters Planter liner with reservoir self-watering

Liner with reservoir and drain provides carefree water to your plants for weeks.  Drain can be attached to shut-off valve and can be plumbed directly to a drain, to avoid leakage on your balcony, patio or floor. 

How this patented reservoir design works . . .

Planters planter liner with reservoir self-watering in planter box Photo at left shows fit of reservoir liner in planter. 

For overall dimensions of DSD Mariner and LEED planters, add 2.5" to liner length and width.  For Audubon planters, add 3".

Contact for Volume Pricing
and help with size selection
or call Sheila at (305) 857-0466

Available Liner Dimensions
    Planting   Nominal Lengths 
Part No. Width Area Depth (every 6")
PL1-XX 8"-10" 6.38" 8" 24"-72"
PL2-XX 11"-14" 8.12" 9" 24"-72"
PL3-XX 15"-18" 12.5" 9" 24"-72"
PL4-XX1412 13"-15" 11.25" 12" 24"-72"
PL4-XX1716 16"-20" 14.75" 16" 24"-72"
PL4-XX2110 20"-22" 18.5" 10.5" 24"-72"
PL4-XX2112 20"-22" 18.5" 12" 24"-72"
PL4-XX2116 20"-23" 17" 16" 24"-72"
PL4-XX2410 23"-25" 21" 10.5" 24"-72"
PL4-XX2517 24"-26" 22.75" 17" 36"-72"
PL4-XX3010 28"-32" 26.5" 10.5" 36"-72"
PL4-XX3016 30"-32" 27.25" 16" 24"-72"
PL4-XX3316 32"-35" 30" 16" 24"-72"




Optional drainage filter pack:
BioBarrier root control fabric is placed in a Geotextile pocket against the drain hole, then a piece of Tremdrain mat is hot-glued over drain hole. Coarse sand should be placed over drain area when installing planting material. 
Price: $6.75
See Liner Planting Instructions.
Plastic Planter liner with drain filter pack
Planter drain kits Drain Kits - DeepStream's stock liners come with a threaded drain. Reservoir liners come with a copper drain pipe already inserted.  If you want to control the overflow water, order a hose kit, which includes hose barb and valve.  This allows you to direct planter overflow to a drain or container.

Thermoplastic-molded and custom-welded liners can be drilled for drainage underneath, or can be retrofitted for a hose kit by drilling and inserting a 90-degree hose barb, to which you attach the hose and valve.  A brass insert is available for connecting a garden hose or a pump kit to the valve.
[1/2" or 3/4" hole saw required for drain kit installation.]

BIOBARRIER® Installation Instructions


BioBarrier® Root Control - A proven geotextile drainage fabric with nodules of trifluralin which protects drainage outlets from root blockage. (Order for $2.80/SF)


Visit our Planter Forum to read more details about Planter Drainage.

Planters drain pump kit EasyProTM Pump - Can be used inline to pump water from a rain-filled planter to a remote drain or toilet via garden hose in seconds.  Super-quiet, very energy efficient 200-gallon- per-hour pump with 7 foot lift comes with 3-year warranty.



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