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Audubon Planters
For a detailed discussion of Planter Design for Rooftops & Balconies,
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Planters Large Balcony Garden Rooftop Planters made from 3Form Bear Grass Lite, Green Marble, and Slate
Right to Left: Audubon Standard 36" Bear Grass in Resin (73 lbs.), Audubon Shallow 42" Planter in Green Marble (62 lbs.), Audubon Standard 42" in Vijaya Gold Slate (58 lbs.)  Click to view panel options

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Planters Large Modern Planter Box 3-Form Bear Grass Lite Resin with Aluminum Legs

36" Audubon Leg Planter with
3Form Bear Grass Lite Panels (73 lbs.)
(Click on Photos to see larger view)

Planters Large Balcony Rooftop Garden Balcony Planter with lightweight green marble panels with aluminum legs

Audubon Shallow 42" Planter
with Green Marble (62 lbs.)

Planters Large Garden Rooftop Balcony planter with lightweight slate panels and aluminum legs

Audubon Standard 42" Planter
with Vijaya Gold Slate (58 lbs.)


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DSD’s new Audubon panel leg design helps you expand your design motif beyond wood, for which the classic Mariner leg was created. The Audubon panel leg allows us to meet your creative needs quickly and cost- effectively through the use of any single half-inch panel or composite assembly for the side panels. 

Our modular design allows for any part to be replaced in case of damage or design upgrade, so you don’t have to replace the whole planter.

Designs are limited only by your imagination and the environmental conditions of your site placement. 

Panel options include:

  • 3Form resin (shown left) or a similar product

  • Lightweight panels made of marble, granite, or any other available stone to match your design specs, laminated to aluminum honeycomb

  • Real slate veneer impregnated and laminated to fiberglass then bonded to the aluminum honeycomb backer panel

  • Copper that can age gracefully, stainless steel or aluminum

  • Traditional hardwoods

  • Overlay panels that include photography or incorporate symbols and words for artistic statement or corporate identity. 

  • Directional or informational signage

While our standard planter height is 21”, the Audubon panel leg is immediately available for heights up to 31”, and up to 12 feet by special order.

DeepStream has a complete line of recycling receptacles that can be “matched” to unify your design elements.

Click to view Aluminum FINISH OPTIONS

Planter Sanded Copper and Verdigris Copper Planters











Audubon Square 27" Planter showing
Sanded Copper & Verdigris Copper panel options.
(Patina will vary over time with environmental conditions.)
Click to see larger photo and panel swatches.

Planters - Audubon planter corner detail with HDPE cap
Audubon corner detail
Close up of HDPE Foot and Cap for Audubon panel leg
Foot & Cap detail
Interior view of Audubon Planter with aluminum support straps for planter liner
Interior view shows support bars & construction details
Click on any detail for larger view 

Planters Profile of Planter Technology liner

Profile of Planter Technology's liner
Planters View of Planter Liner inside planter box

View of planter liner in planter box
DeepStream Designs Trellis Insert support detail
Trellis insert detail
Planters trellis insert with stainless steel mesh and aluminum tubing
Zephyr with Trellis Insert Option

DeepStream Designs - close up of stainless steel mesh and aluminum fittings for trellis
Close-up of trellis fitting

Planters with speaker box
Planter with speaker installed under liner supports



Any 1/2" panel or combination of materials
can be used to meet your design criteria
Custom Panel details

Aluminum channel with PVC backer board and decorative laminate.

< Aluminum channel with backer board and decorative laminate.  Post screws allow easy replacement of decorative skin to change the look or repair damage.

Laminate & backer in aluminum channel

Channel and panel slide into corner leg and are fastened with two set screws.

3Form Bear Grass with PVC backer in channel

Channel and panel slide into corner leg, and are fastened with two set screws.


  • DeepStream's proprietary heavy-duty liners for 36" or 42" planters.

  • Planter Technology's patented reservoir liners provide carefree water to your plants for a  week or more. 

  • Other liners for your custom sizes

  • Drain attachments with overflow control allow any liner to be used in interior and exterior installations.

  • Replaceable 1/2" thick foot pads created from a matching aluminum-colored marine-grade polymer to resist UV degradation while protecting your planter from standing water and your flooring from scratches. They can be custom made to fit the camber in your yacht's deck or sloping patios. 

  • Custom aluminum foot brackets can secure the planter to the deck of your residence or sea-going vessel.  These same hidden brackets can be used with theft-resistant fasteners for secure installations in public and exceptionally windy spaces.  

  • Other options include several trim styles, a trellis insert, speakers or lights, an aluminum honeycomb shelf upon which to rest already potted plants, and a padded storage bag for yachts. 

In years to come, if your planter legs need refinishing, and you don't have a local anodizer, you may return your legs to DeepStream for reanodizing for just $23 per leg plus shipping (or current cost).

Warranty and Core Replacement Program




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