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Mariner Planter Size and Pricing Overview

DeepStream Designs builds all of our planters to order, and we can build almost any size from 18” – 72” long and 12” – 60” wide.  We stock two standard leg heights: 21” and 31”.  We also have a T-leg which we use to build multi-section planters when larger sizes are needed.  We have done projects which require taller legs, including 42” and 60”, but those are custom orders with a longer lead time.

We can build planters in a variety of materials, from solid tropical hardwoods (Jatoba, Lyptus, Ipe and Cumaru) to Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL - five colors) to stone laminates, copper and resin panels.

To give you an idea of trade pricing, we have five stock sizes (price is for qty. 1). We offer a 5% discount for 5-9 units, 10% discount for 10+ units, additional discounts for large projects. 

Planters made with Recycled Plastic Lumber are typically less expensive and require almost no maintenance (Price for RPL noted in parenthesis; Zephyr banding not available in Recycled Plastic Lumber).

OA planter size

Liner Size

Price for 1 Unit - Solid Hardwood (or RPL) with Liner

Zephyr Aluminum Banding Upgrade

36” x 18” x 21.5”

33.5” x 15.5” x 16” D

$1075   ($850 RPL)


41.5” x 18” x 21.5”

38.5” x 15.5” x 14” D

$1040 4 plank sides
$1095 5 plank sides   ($895 RPL)


24” x 24” x 21.5”

21.5” x 21.5” x 17” D

$950     ($815 RPL)


36” x 36” x 31.5”

33” x 33” x 28 D

$1490    ($1,375 RPL)


56” x 25.5” x 21.5”

54” x 23” x 17” D

$1385    ($1,110 RPL)


For budgeting, our multi-section planters with a 21.5” height run approximately $190-$205/linear foot for recycled plastic lumber, and $215-235 for solid hardwoods, including commercial-grade molded plastic liners.  For a 31.5” height, add approximately 20-25%.

Our planters will last for decades, offering the lowest cost of ownership over time, and are designed so that they can be disassembled in future years to have parts replaced, should that be necessary – they won’t rot away like traditional wood planter boxes. 

We find that most projects we quote are for custom sizes, so if you send us the sizes, quantities and finish you are looking for, we’ll be happy to put together a quote for any project you are working on.

Planters are available with casters, security clips, trellis attachments, and screen wall.

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