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^ 3-Section ultra-light Mariner Planters in natural Ipe grow herbs for the World of Whirlpool Conference Center's demonstration kitchens in Chicago.  (Dim OA: 144" x 36" x 21.5" H)
Molded plastic liners are supported by 2-4" of high-density extruded polystyrene. 

^ 3-Sections of an 800 linear foot installation of LEED Recycled Plastic Planters on a Park Avenue roof terrace.

View Multi-Section Planter Installations

View Planter Installations
View LEED Recycled Plastic Lumber Planter Installations

Watch Video Tour of Park Avenue Installation

^ Detail of T-Leg joining two sections, and use of
multiple liners to fill a larger area.  Lush vegetation will
hide joints between liners.

BUDGETING: Our multi-section planters with a 21.5” height run approximately $190-$205/linear foot for recycled plastic lumber, and $215-235 for solid hardwoods, including commercial-grade molded plastic liners. For a 31.5” height, add approximately 15%.

NOTE: If you are considering WOOD planters,
please read Wood Care Overview

Click to View sample Multi-Section Planter Assembly Instructions  >

To create an over-sized planter or an unlimited run of planters, our Multi-Section Planters are easy to install and more cost-effective than individual planters.

Your design calls for a series of planters to line the parapet wall on a rooftop, or to create a barrier around a space.  Or you need to fill a BIG space, but you don't want a built-in planter, because you will need future access for roof maintenance.

We created our Multi-Section Planters for just those situations.

We combine our Mariner corner with our Mariner T-leg to join lengths of wood, recycled plastic lumber or other materials to build the size you need.

For long, narrow planters, we install a frame to support the liners.  For larger, deeper planters, the wooden box is a façade around self-supporting liners.

We've even built a one-sided façade for permanent installation along a 40-foot long wallwhy spend money on a beautiful planter wall that no one will see?

Our multi-section planters are more cost-effective than the same number of individual planters because they require less material.  We can design the planters to use a combination of less expensive standard molded liners, although custom liners are always an option. 

The planters ship flat on a pallet, for lower shipping costs, and they typically take 10-15 minutes per section to assemble.  A typical installation of over 400 linear feet of planters in Manhattan was completed in just three days (see pictures below).

^ Eleven sections of a 30-section run of Recycled
Plastic Lumber planters on a Manhattan rooftop. 
(Weight before plant material: 16 lbs. / linear foot)

^ Assembly of first two sections of the 26-section recycled plastic lumber planter above.  Customer elected to leave out middle plank on hidden back side of planter to reduce materials and costs. Each plank is labeled with planter section for ease of assembly.


^ 3-Section Ipe Planter in assembly
(OA Dim: 144"L x 36"W x 21.5"H)

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Spec Sheet for Multi-Section Planters


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