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Casters & Security Clips - Make your planters mobile, level or secure in public spaces.  Secure alternatives to our standard feet can be installed on our Audubon leg.
Trellis, Trellis Planters, trellis detail, planter box Trellis Insert - Aluminum frame and light-weight stainless steel mesh supports climbing vines in a self-contained planter. Click here to learn more.

At left, interior view of trellis support installation.  These can also be placed on either edge of the planter, or on opposite corners.

Mariner Ipe Bench - 4 foot length

Our Mariner Bench is designed to coordinate with our Mariner Planters, and built from the same high-quality aluminum and solid wood materials.

4-foot bench shown in Ipe: $695.00

Can be built to custom dimensions.

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Planter-mounted Garden Gate in Jatoba Zephyr Planter-mounted Garden Gates create a means of emergency egress for public spaces that doesn't have to be mounted to the deck.

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Planters with speaker box, wood planter Speaker Insert - Our planters serve double duty, hiding speakers or lights to enhance the ambience of your rooftop, balcony or patio. In this example, an outdoor subwoofer is installed in a waterproof box under the supports for the planter liner.  Drain hole runs through box.  Click here to learn more.

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Planter with TV Mount - More double duty, as our Mariner Zephyr planter in Cumaru wood supports a 46" Sunbrite TV on a Manhattan rooftop.  Shapes from our Anti-Gravity Frame System support the TV.  Planter is on hidden stainless steel casters, so it is easily moved for better viewing. 



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