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Wood Care Overview for Mariner Planters and Audubon Bins

About Wood and Planter Care | Wood Finish Options | Refinishing: Pressure Washing | Refinishing: Sanding 

Your planters and receptacles are built with marine-anodized aluminum legs and solid Jatoba, Lyptus, Cumaru, or Ipe wood planks and stainless steel fasteners using dielectric anti-corrosion paste that prevents galvanic action between the stainless steel and the aluminum.  HDPE feet isolate the leg from water while the recycled plastic commercial grade liner isolates the wood from water and dirt.

The wood has been finished with Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protector, which darkens the wood minimally while adding protective oils and UV inhibitors to repel water and slow fading from the sun.  Just as with teak, these woods will go “grey” in time if not repeatedly waterproofed, and the planks will take on a more uniform appearance.

We use Thompson’s as it has relatively low VOC and can be used indoors at our shop safely.  There are many other, longer-lasting oil based waterproofing materials that we cannot use indoors.  This link will take you to one internet source that ranks some wood finishes: 

What is the best deck stain?

To renew the finish, let the wood dry after washing with plain soap and water before reapplying the same Thompson’s finish, or another waterproofer of your choice, with a clean rag.  After waterproofing the wood, wipe the leg down with alcohol, mineral spirits or MEK to remove excess waterproofing. 

The whole process only takes about 10 minutes.  Afterwards, be sure to dispose of used rags per the package instructions to prevent spontaneous combustion. 

Click this link to find out more:
Wood Finish Options

If you wish to renew the natural color of the wood after it has faded and gone grey you will need to remove the outer layer of wood without damaging the aluminum legs. 

For more information click on these links: Refinishing: Pressure Washing | Refinishing: Sanding 

Pressure washing should be done sparingly as it is more destructive than sanding as it removes more than soft wood the hard wood leaving a raised grain to catch more dirt.

To clean the aluminum, do NOT use acids, including vinegar, caustic agents such as ammonia, or abrasives such as Soft Scrub or Comet.  Also avoid contact with de-icing chemicals.   Just mild dish soap and water, or products such as Simple Green, Formula 409, etc. will clean the aluminum as well as the wood.  If you get sealer, paint, markers, or the like on the legs, MEK on a clean rag is the best solvent for heavy duty clean up.  Wear gloves when applying MEK.  Mineral spirits are also safe to use.

NOTE:  Water may wash out red color from the wood for the first few weeks, leaving stains on the deck below.  Phosphoric acid will remove these stains easily from pavers, cement, and porcelain tile, but will quickly eat into the anodizing on the aluminum legs.  We recommend that you move the planters first, if possible, and use care.  Use MEK early and often in the initial months to prevent stains on the aluminum.



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