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Rotomolded LLDPE Planters with
Built-In Container Irrigation

SeaCrest 48" diameter round and 72" x 24" rectangle planters in Matrix Bluff finish

SeaCrest round planters

SeaCrest Planters are a complete solution -

A rugged, lightweight thermoplastic pot with an integrated container irrigation reservoir and drainage containment system.  SeaCrest Series lightweight planters with built-in container irrigation permit tremendous flexibility with larger site-furnishing sized containers.

The double-walled design insulates the root ball from the intense solar gain that damages roots in pots.

The containers are rotational-molded from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which is exceptionally durable, weather-resistant, and will hold up to impact, resist staining and graffiti, and hide scratches.  Because the colored pigments are molded into the plastic, scratches will not show a different color layer below.

SeaCrest 72x24" planters

SeaCrest Planter Sizes

Shape Overall Dims. Interior Dims.


ROUND 24 dia x 17h 21 dia x 13h 11 gal
  24 dia x 22h 21 dia x 18h 15 gal
  30 dia x 22h 27 dia x 19h 21 gal
  38 dia x 17h 33 dia x 14h 19 gal
  38 dia x 22h 33 dia x 17h 23 gal
  38 dia x 30h 33 dia x 25h 26 gal
  48 dia x 30h 43 dia x 25h 40 gal
  55 dia x 17h 50 dia x 14h 35 gal
  55 dia x 36h 50 dia x 32h 76 gal
SQUARE 24 sq x 22h 20 sq x 18h 18 gal
  38 sq x 24h 34 sq x 21h 28 gal
RECTANGLE 48 l x 24w x 22 h 42 l x 18w x 19.5 h  
  72 l x 24w x 22 h 66 l x 18w x 19.5 h  
  72 l x32w x 22 h 67 l x 27w x 19.5 h  


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Manufacturer's Limited Three-Year Warranty



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