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Our Trellis Inserts create a natural wall to provide privacy or color on rooftops or balconies, along sidewalk cafes, or anywhere you want to create a separate space or hide unsightly areas.

Select from two Frame options:

● The Ultimate Hurricane-Proof Trellis Frame comprises polished round  aluminum tubing and machined billet aluminum cross bar connectors.

● A more economical Square Anodized Aluminum Frame has heavy-duty plastic connectors to hold the cross bar, and can be bolted directly to the planter legs.

< Mariner Standard 36 with Zephyr Upgrade in Jatoba with polished round aluminum tubing frame and stainless steel mesh. Top bar height as shown: 73.5" from ground, 52" from top of planter.  Can be custom-sized per your specifications.

Trellis Insert Specifications

A simple but sturdy square anodized aluminum trellis frame with stainless steel cross bars for woodier vining  plants like bougainvillea.  V

Select from two weatherproof Support options:
● Stainless steel mesh
(shown below)
● Stainless steel rod
(shown at right)

Trellis, Planters with trellis, wood planters, rooftop planter

Trellis, Aluminum frame trellis with Stainless Steel rods

Trellis, Planters with trellis, trellis detail

< The Trellis frame is secured to the planter box by drilled and tapped aluminum flat bar, stainless steel bolts and aircraft lock nuts.  It may be installed in the center, along the front or back wall of the planter, or even diagonally from opposite corners.  Two bolts on each tube make installation and removal quick and easy.

Trellis, trellis planters, trellis detail

^ Detail of stainless steel wire mesh, aluminum tube and corner fittings.

Detail of captured stainless steel rod with square aluminum frame.  >

Trellis, Trellis Planters, trellis detail

^ Machined aluminum corner fittings slip into 1" aluminum tube and provide a uniquely detailed finish.

Detail of free stainless steel bar with square aluminum frame.  >



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