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LEED Commercial Collection - The ultimate recycling statement
In keeping with our mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," we are proud to introduce our LEED Commercial Recycling Bins & Planters built with HDPE planks made from recycled milk jugs. 

Party Room Triple Recycling Bin Recycled Plastic Sustainable Low-Profile
Shown: Triple Recycling Bin in HDPE Tropical Hardwood with Zephyr aluminum banding upgrade


Low-maintenance Recycling Bins & Planters with planks made from recycled milk jugs!

With the same sophisticated design as our Mariner Planter and Audubon Recycling Bin, our Commercial Collection, is the ultimate Environmental statement in a no-nonsense “set it and forget it” package, perfect for restaurants, commercial installations and residential projects.

  • Four standard Trash & Recycling Bins   
    (See Recycler price list
    View LID OPTIONS)  

  • Two standard Planter sizes in stock and ready to ship with Factory-Direct Pricing:

    Standard 36 with liner: $590.00

    (OA dim: 35.75" L x 18.75" W x 21.5" H

    Depth for planting: 16")

    Shallow 42 with liner: $625.00

    (OA dim: 41.75" L x 18.75" W x 21.5" H

    Depth for planting: 14")

  • Other Planter sizes available (call for pricing)


  • Five color options:

Tropical Hardwood

Aged Hardwood

Ipe Brown

LEED Planters Recycled Plastic Planks - Tropical Hardwood color

LEED Planter, Recycled Plastic Wood, Aged Hardwood Color

Weathered Teak

Concrete Gray  


LEED Planter & Recycler Spec Sheets

For a detailed discussion of Planter Design for Rooftops & Balconies, visit our Rooftop Planter Forum

As with all planters, the plants themselves help cool the earth and clean the air by producing more oxygen and trapping carbon.  In addition, our Commercial Planter lowers the impact of man on the environment because:


     - Using recycled plastic “lumber” planks eliminates the cutting of trees and uses less energy to manufacture.

     - The plastic lumber we use is made from recycled post-consumer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) from milk jugs and other polyethylene packaging that would normally be destined for landfills. 

     - The liners are made from recycled pre-consumer LDPE (low-density polyethylene)

     - Aluminum legs and straps, along with plastic components are 100% recyclable.

  • Maintenance-Free! 

    - Uses no energy or materials to maintain

    - Plastic lumber never needs to be painted or stained and will never rot, splinter or split

    - Proprietary extruded legs of 6063-T5 aluminum are finished with a durable etched marine anodized finish and non-scuff feet.

    - Stainless steel fasteners are installed with dialectric paste to prevent corrosion.

  • Colors won't fade - Ultra-violet stabilizers are added to the lumber so colors will look as vibrant decades from now as they do today.

  • Cost Effective

    - Working with recycled plastic lumber not only reduces production costs, but it also requires NO maintenance, reducing your cost of ownership over time compared to wood planters. 
    - While the material we use is only a few cents a square foot less than natural hardwood lumber, several aspects of the Commercial Planter help us reduce the manufacturing cost without cutting quality, and pass the savings on to our customers:

    • Planter boxes and liners are stocked in specific sizes to eliminate waste
    • Planing, sanding and hand-rubbed finish are eliminated

Audubon 33 Double Recycling Bin in HDPE Tropical Hardwood with Zephyr aluminum banding and weather cover upgrades (OA Dim: 42.75" x 23" x 31.5" H)

Recycled Plastic Lumber in Weathered Teak (front) compared with aged real Lyptus Wood (back)

  • Optional drain attachments with overflow control allow any liner to be used in interior and exterior installations.

  • Planters ship fully assembled, or can be disassembled for shipping or flat storage in 15 minutes.

  • Custom sizes and other colors available.

Warranty and Core Replacement Program


LEED Reycled Plastic Planters compared to aged plantation-grown Lyptus
Recycled Plastic planters in Aged Hardwood and
Tropical Hardwood alongside 18-month-old
plantation-grown Lyptus Wood (at right)

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