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LID OPTIONS for Audubon Recycling & Trash Receptacles

All Audubon Recyclers and Trash Receptacles are built with 16-gauge 304 brushed stainless steel lids attached with full-length 304 SS hinges.  Below are our standard lid options.  Custom lid openings may be ordered for a small upcharge and longer lead time.  For outdoor installations, we passivate the stainless steel lid to remove impurities that may cause rust over time.

Standard labels are silkscreened in Metallic Copper epoxy automotive paint and, with proper care, will last for many years.  For heavy-use applications, or if there may be a need to change labels in the future, we offer optional Replaceable Etched Nameplates made from brushed 304 stainless steel with baked epoxy paint to replace the silkscreened labels. 



Modern Beautiful Solid Wood Trash Bin


< Top-loading lid

21-gallon Trash receptacle wood aluminum Low-profile


< Side-loading lid

Ash Trash Receptacle Wood Aluminum Stainless Steel


< Ash bowl with Side-loading lid

Recycling Bin Wood Hotel Shopping Center Office


< Double Recycling Bin lid with openings for "Glass Plastic Aluminum Only" and "Paper Only"

Click to view larger picture

Modern Low-Profile recycling bin solid wood


< Corner detail of recycling bin lids

Click to view larger picture

Commingle Recycling Bin Low-Profile Solid Wood Hotel Office Condo


< Double Recycling Bin lid with openings for
Trash and Co-mingled Recyclables.

Click to view larger picture

3Form Tiger Thatch Recycling Bin Contemporary Mall Hotel


< Inside view of Double Recycling Bin lid with openings for
Trash and Co-mingled Recyclables.  Heavy-duty chain holds lid in place for easy removal of bin liners.

Click to view larger picture

Triple Recycling Bin Stainless Steel LidTRIPLE RECYCLING BINS

Triple Recycling Bin lid with
openings for
"Glass Plastic Only"
"Paper Only" and
"Aluminum Only"

(also below V)

Hotel Lobby Recycling Receptacle Solid Wood

Residence Hotel Condo Recycling Receptacle Bin Poster Logo

< Triple Recycling Bin lid with openings for
"Glass Plastic Aluminum Only"
"Paper Only and
"Trash Only"

Triple Recycling Bin lid (below V) with openings for
Shown with Weather/Anti-Critter Cover

Four-Stream Quad Recycling Bin Cafeteria Food CourtQUAD

Quad Recycler Food Court Restaurant Cafeteria Tray Cart Solid Wood

^ Quad Recycling Bin lid with openings for "Trash"
"Paper Only", "Glass Plastic Only" and
"Aluminum Only"

<Quad Recycling Bin lid with two "Trash" openings,
"Glass Plastic Aluminum Only" and "Paper Only"


304 brushed stainless steel, etched and filled with baked polyurethane enamel, backed with 3M 468 MP adhesive. 

Recycling Bin name plates labels

6" x 2" SS Nameplates - $10.00 each
(Qty. discounts available)
  Aluminum Only              Plastic Only
  Glass Only                   Paper Only 
  Glass Plastic Aluminum   Compost
  Plastic Aluminum           Recycle
  Glass Plastic                Landfill
  Glass Aluminum           
  Towels Only

3" x 3" SS Nameplates - $7.00 each
(Qty. discounts available)
   Recycling Symbol
   "Keep Tidy" Trash Symbol

Nameplates may be cleaned with Sheila Shine, mineral spirits, alcohol, or ammonia.  DO NOT USE MEK, Lacquer thinner or paint stripper/thinner.
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Created for a California school with feisty squirrels - For outdoor applications where squirrels or other critters get into the trash bins or heavy rain is common, we offer an 18-gauge, passivated 304 stainless steel cover mounted on a full-length hinge with a stainless steel bar-pull handle.

Audubon Double Recycling Bin with Weather Cover

We have found that the most effective way to clean and protect our stainless steel lids is with Sheila Shine stainless polish (available at most Ace Hardware stores) and a soft cloth. If the lids are especially dirty, or have dried spots of coffee or sodas, wash with mild soap and water.  Dry thoroughly, then polish with Sheila Shine and a soft cloth.  Sheila Shine should be applied, then wiped off with a clean cloth.  Do not leave excess polish on the lid, or it will attact dirt.
NOTE: For lids with silkscreened labels, you may wipe the lid with denatured alcohol, but DO NOT USE MEK, Lacquer Thinner, Paint Stripper, or ammonia-based products such as Windex, or you may remove the painted label. (Top of Page)
   - To replace faded silkscreened labels, first wipe lid with MEK solvent, Laquer Thinner, or gel Paint Stripper on a soft cloth to remove all remnants of paint.  You may need to let the solvent sit on the area to be removed for a few minutes. Next, wipe clean lid with Denatured Alcohol on a soft cloth to remove all solvent.  
   - If lid has scratches or shadows of the silkscreen that need to be removed, use Random Orbital Sander with 3M Series SC-DH 5" Blue Aluminum Oxide Very Fine pad to buff the surface of the lid until you've created a uniform surface.  (If scratches are very deep, you can start with 120 grit sanding pads, then finish with Very Fine.)
   - Wipe again with Denatured Alcohol, then carefully position nameplates where you wish to apply them (mark location with tape, parallel to the edge).  Remove paper from back of nameplate, and press into place, rolling from one edge to the other so it adheres evenly. Nameplates are not easily removable once applied, and the adhesive will be destroyed when removed.
   - To remove and replace existing nameplates, take a length of monofilament line (fishing line) and slide it under the edge of the nameplate.  Pull between the back of the nameplate and the lid to detach the adhesive.  Replace with new nameplate as described above.  (Top of Page) 
   - Complete Loaner Repair Kits are available from DeepStream - Call Sheila to order (305) 857-0466.

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