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Finish Options using Metals by Moz Designs

Móz Metals is known throughout the industry for their exquisite hand-etched patterns combined with translucent colors on metal. Their selections give you over 300 options for creating dynamic, visually inspiring environments. Simply choose a pattern, color, and protective finish for your base material, and create unique panels for your recyclers and planters.  Moz Panels are UV-rated for exterior applications.

Contact Sheila Boyce for pricing for DeepStream planters and recycling bins using Moz metals
(305) 857-0466

NOTE: Colors in photographs will vary depending on lighting and the computer screen used. 
Before ordering, please visit Moz Designs' website to view all color options, and request samples
of colors you are interested in.

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Modern Double recycling bin in Moz Graphite Ripples (Dark Gray) metal panels



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